Big communication in small packages


Content that connects and engages

Every business needs marketing content for websites, brochures and other promotional materials. And many people need to communicate their expertise and want to build their personal brand.

If you feel overwhelmed by the writing demands or discouraged by your results, remember FastBlurb. We'll help you develop the right messages for any marketing or communication need and create better content fast.


What is a blurb?

A dense amount of descriptive text that communicates what needs to be understood.

FastBlurb advice on creating content

Start with a spark

Grab their attention fast with a brief anecdote, story or data point to draw them in.

Stay on point

Resist the urge to give too much information all at once—people have short attention spans these days.

End with intent

All good writing must come to an end. Give your audience a clear conclusion or call to action.

"Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee and just as hard to sleep after."

Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Banish content that's blah or wha!??

  • Lack of clarity, meaning and purpose
  • Poor structure and word choice
  • Not enough emotional appeal or style

Create content that resonates

  • Play to your audience—why should they care?
  • Inject more personality, humor, and authenticity
  • Satisfy the quest for meaning and answers

No more random acts of content

FastBlurb will help you develop messages, create marketing copy, craft presentations and speeches, and write articles with clarity, brevity and style. We make content marketing and business communication easier for entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketing departments, even freelance writers.