Be brief, be bright, be done


Articles and blogs, slide decks, case studies, white papers—every business is in the content creation business, even when they're not, because blurbs and descriptions for brochures, websites and pitches are a necessity.

When you need writing, editing and other content creation support, remember FastBlurb. We'll transform your thinking and expertise into succinct, meaningful messages that break through the noise and capture the attention of your target audience, while easing the burdens that slow you down and get in your way.

Business content that's blah or wha?? or simply unable to make a connection

  • Lack of clarity, meaning and purpose for a given audience
  • Poor structure and word choice, obscuring the message and value proposition
  • Not enough style and emotional appeal to back up the data and resonate with decision-makers

Business content that informs, enlightens and resonates with people

  • Play to audience needs, perceptions and aspirations—make it more about them, less about you
  • Inject more personality, humor and authenticity into your content
  • Start strong, finish strong and keep the middle lean

Since brevity is the soul of wit, and tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes, I will be brief.

William Shakespeare


Development of strong value propositions and overarching messages for clarity, style and emotional appeal. A strong message supported by data points, stories and other elements work together to attract attention and resonate with your audience in the way you intended.


Ghostwriting and editing services for articles, speech writing and blurbs for all your business communication and content marketing needs. Starting with an understanding of your voice and target audience, we develop an outline either from scratch or from a draft you provide. Our talent for connecting-the-dots and bridging any gaps results in a faster, better process and final deliverable.


Speechwriting and slide deck creation or editing, coupled with speech coaching tips, will prepare and empower you to ace your next presentation. As an experienced speaker and Toastmaster (Advanced Communicator Gold), I also emcee events and deliver polished presentations and demonstrations for conferences and other key events.

"Cate's writing and editing skills are among the best. She can quickly assess and understand any business idea, finding competitors and crafting messages that resonate with decision-makers and target audience needs and desires. Her writing is a pleasure to read."

Henri Ganancia
Entrepreneur and CEO of ModulApps

Cate North

No more random acts of content

Remember FastBlurb for services and resources to help you communicate with brevity, clarity and style. We work with a select number of clients, assuring personal attention and delivering big messages in small packages.