Content that makes a connection


Digital marketing can be highly effective, yet it's also highly demanding:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) requires fresh, regular content.
  • Thought leadership requires writing and speaking on your ideas and subject matter expertise.
  • Websites, campaigns, and other marketing materials require descriptions, messages, and value propositions.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the demands or discouraged by your results, remember FastBlurb for content marketing and business communication services and support.


What is a blurb?

A small, dense amount of descriptive text that communicates what needs to be understood. FastBlurb is about using as few words as possible, even for long-form content like presentations and reports.

FastBlurb approach to business content and communication

Start with a spark

I'll give your audience a reason to give you their attention by starting with a brief story, anecdote, data point—anything to draw them in and keep them engaged.

Stay on point

I'll help you resist the siren call of data dumps, tangents, and TMI (too much information), which result in nothing but distraction, confusion, and alienation.

End with intent

All good content must come to an end; yet many writers and speakers simply peter out. I'll make sure you end with intent by including a clear conclusion or call to action.

"Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee and just as hard to sleep after."

Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Content marketing and communication services


Writing, ghostwriting and editing for articles, descriptions, reports, video scripts, internal communications, and other content. I strive to reduce revisions, save time, and improve outcomes by understanding your voice and your objectives.


Speech writing and editing, outlines to structure for meaning and flow, slide decks that aren't your father's bullet charts,  practice  evaluation / feedback, and presentation and emcee services for a memorable audience experience.


Topic ideas, content marketing plans, editorial calendars, and other guidance may be what you really need. Leveraging data from systems like Google Analytics will optimize results and practical, actionable plans will save time and money in the long run.

Banish content that's blah or wha!?

  • Lack of clarity, meaning and purpose for a given audience.
  • Poor structure and word choice that obscures your message and value proposition.
  • Not enough emotional appeal to add meaning and back up the data and logic.

Create content that enlightens and resonates

  • Play to audience needs, perceptions, and aspirations—why should they care?
  • Inject more personality, humor, and authenticity into your content.
  • Satisfy the quest for meaningful answers and information.

"Cate's writing and editing skills are among the best. She can quickly assess and understand any business idea, finding competitors and crafting messages that resonate with decision-makers and target audience needs and desires. Her writing is a pleasure to read."

Henri Ganancia
Entrepreneur and CEO of ModulApps

Cate North

No more random acts of content

Content creation and sharing has become a crucial part of most business-to-business digital marketing and lead generation strategies. Pretty much every company is doing it, setting the bar higher to break through the volume and noise.

My writing, speaking, and planning services will help you stand out and connect with your target audience, and because I work with a select number of clients only, you'll get personalized attention.