Content Planning Services

Content Planning Services

If you have the writing and content creation resources you need, remember FastBlurb for planning and analytics. We can enhance the efforts of your marketing and communication teams:

  • Content plans and maps to complement events, marketing campaigns, and other projects.
  • Editorial calendars to ensure a steady supply of ideas and clear roles and responsibilities for project teams.
  • Identification of topics, keywords, publishing and social media platforms to match your target audiences.
  • Assessment of data analytics to identify hot and cold topics and messages.

A clear plan will keep your digital and social media marketing initiatives on track, hold all contributors accountable, and reduce chaos. Choose a timeline of quarter, half-year, or full year.



"Cate's an outstanding content creator, writer, interviewer, content calendar maven and all around great person."

John Fox, Venture Marketing


Services are priced on a time (hourly or daily) or project basis, depending on scope and billing preferences.