Message development

Poor communication often results from lack of clarity—not quite knowing precisely what you want your audience to know and remember. I will help you assess and develop a key message and value proposition for any piece of content I create for you or help you develop.

  • Unique value proposition that represents your business and your expertise in a way that resonates with a given audience.
  • Core messages and key supporting points like data, anecdotes and stories that you provide or that I find to support and amplify your message.

Every business needs an overarching value proposition that both describes and distinguishes who they are for prospects and markets. Every piece of content you create should also have a value proposition and key message that has meaning and resonance with the needs and desires of the specific audience you aim to reach.

Writing and editing

Publish or perish was once reserved for academics; today it applies to many business executives and individual contributors in need of visibility, credibility, trust and authority. Let FastBlurb alleviate all or part of the writing process for you.

Working with a select number of clients means you get personalized attention and a collaborative process, to whatever degree you need and prefer.

  • Writing and editing services in various flavors: I can write a draft for you to take over and finish (because it's always easier to work with something than to start with a blank screen or page) or I can do all the heavy lifting from outline to final version.
  • A core strength and talent I have is to connect the dots, fill any gaps I detect and simply put, to get it! I strive to switch back and forth from your voice to the needs and expectations of your audience.Ghostwriting services in which all copyrights are yours.

As a ghostwriter, all copyrights to the work product you receive from me become yours, to publish and share as you see fit.

Speechs and presentations

Whether your audience is a handful of decision-makers in a board room, an auditorium filled with hundreds of people with varying levels of awareness, or something in between, don't let anxiety cripple you and certainly don't call it in!

  • Speechwriting support at any level, including development of structure and key points, edits and suggestions to your draft or full writing.
  • Creation of strong opening and ending to grab attention, pique interest, enhance understanding and recall, and lead to a desired course of action.
  • Create or edit slide decks
  • Delivery tips and coaching

Nothing is more powerful than communicating in front of a live audience—but only when your presentation is meaningful to them, and delivered with passion and authenticity.

“You had a most appealing intro that tied the speakers together in a theme. Your transitions were smooth and the Q&A was engaging because you had prepared fitting questions. A job well done!”

Carmen Jura
Attendee, Boulder Speaker Symposium



Services are priced on a time (hourly or daily) or project basis, depending on scope and billing preferences.