Message development

Poor communication often results from lack of clarity—not quite knowing what you want your audience to know and remember. We will help you assess and develop key messages from materials you provide like transcripts and product specifications, or by interviewing you via phone or web chat.

  • Unique value and selling propositions
  • Core message and key supporting points from interviews or other material
  • Research to find data, stories and metaphors or analogies to amplify your message

Writing and editing

The concept of "publish or perish" was once reserved for academics. Not anymore! Social media, digital marketing and the need to convey thought leadership and personal branding are compelling business leaders to create content. We will get you started, do the writing for you or edit what you provide.

  • Blog posts and articles
  • Speeches, scripts and talking points for presentations
  • Reports and case studies

Speeches and presentations

Nothing is more powerful than communicating your message to a live audience. We'll make sure you leverage every opportunity by helping you craft and deliver a memorable, engaging presentation.

  • Develop and write talking points or full speeches
  • Create or edit existing slide decks
  • Delivery tips and coaching, in-person or online

Next steps

Contact us to discuss your needs and priorities. Services priced on a time or project basis, depending on scope.