Writing Services

Writing / Editing Services

Line-of-business executives and marketing professionals are expected to create, contribute to, and deliver presentations, articles, reports, and other content—in addition to their day jobs.

Shift some of the burden (or enhance what you're doing) to FastBlurb writing services:

  • Copy writing, ghostwriting, outlining, and editing services to your preferred level of collaboration.
  • Short formats like descriptions, summaries, brief articles, and blurbs for websites and other marketing materials.
  • Long formats like reports, eBooks, case studies, and other thought leadership content.
  • Speech writing and presentation outlines, scripts, and slide decks.
  • Employee communications and recruiting content, including responses to online reviews on sites like Glassdoor.

If you would like to publish more content, I can bring you ideas, get you unstuck, and save you time by taking over some of your content creation burdens.

“You are AMAZING!!!! This article is spot on.”

Cathy Sutherland
ZRG Partners

Writing samples

Links to business writing samples are available upon request. Otherwise I encourage you to peruse this website to get an idea of the skills and creativity that could be applied to your writing project.

Fees and copyrights

Services are priced on a time (hourly or daily) or project basis, depending on scope and your billing preferences.

In most instances, you will have author attribution and copyrights to ghost writing and other content created for you. Exceptions will be discussed and mutually agreed upon prior to any project.